Ausstellung und Preisverleihung
19h, 18.8.2021
Ausstellung vom 19.8. – 29.8.2021
Fluxus Museum+ Potsdam

10 Jahre Kulturakademie Tarabya
Ausstellung und Festival
3.9. – 31.10.2021
Kunstraum Kreuzberg u.a.

exhibition from 8 april – 28 may 2021
Contemporary Art Gallery. Historical Museum Tbilisi/Georgian National Museum
Sionistreet 8. Tbilisi, Georgia


project website launch

AArtist in Residence Programm 2016 – 2020  
Said Baalbaki, Catherine Biocca, Yvon Chabrowski, Manaf Halbouni, Kerstin Honeit, Ali Kaaf, Ahmed Kamel, David Krippendorff,
Andréas Lang, Beatrice Minda, Peles Empire, Yafei Qi, Henrik Strömberg, Susa Templin, Walter Yu.
Ausstellung/exhibition 27.8. – 8.11.2020
Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin

How to build a Lagoon with just a bottle of wine
26th Oct – 30th Nov 2019, Lagos Island, Nigeria

Marina Abramović, Ai Weiwei, Nobuyoshi Araki, Robert Barta, Ernst Barlach, Joseph Beuys, Guillaume Bruère, Dany Chan, Julian Charrière, Oliver Clegg, Paula Doepfner, Christina Doll, Valerie Favre, Anke Feuchtenberger, Katharina Fritsch, Marianna Gartner, Pedro Gómez-Egaña, Antony Gormley, Richard Haizmann, Jeppe Hein, Beate Höing, Leiko Ikemura, Hans Josephson, Isaac Julien, Hubert Kiecol, Karsten Konrad, Andréas Lang, Young-Jae Lee, Judy Ledgerwood, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Via Lewandowsky, Liza Lou, Markus Lüpertz, Anna Malagrida, Marino Marini, Oliver Mark, Michael Melcer, Meng Huang, Andreas Mühe, Michael Müller, Mwangi Hutter, Hermann Nitsch, Meret Oppenheim, Benyamin Reich, Yvonne Roeb, Miguel Rothschild, Ralf Schmerberg, Patricia Schon, Helmut Schweizer, Micha Ullman, Jorinde Voigt, Simon Wachsmuth, Andy Warhol, Donata Wenders, Matthias Wollgast, Erwin Wortelkamp, Yin Xiuzhen, John Young, Andrius Zakarauskas
exhibition from 27th July – 10th November 2019
Diözesanmuseum Bamberg

6th July 2019
Kulturakademie Tarabya, Istanbul

THE THEFT OF FIRE. From Prometheus to Petroleum
Monira Al Qadiri, Orkhan Huseynov, Andréas Lang, Marco Montiel-Soto, Samir Salahov,
Tita Salina, Sadegh Souri, George Osodi, Sabina Shikhlinskaya and Chinara Majidova
Exhibition from 1st – 31st June 2019
Opening 31st May, 7pm
Kapellhaus, Goethe-Zentrum Baku, Azerbaijan

Catalogue book ECLIPSE. Andréas Lang
144 pages; 30x29cm; text by Hans-Michael Koetzle, Stefan Weidner and Frizzi Krella (german/english); design by Horst Moser.
There is also a signed and numbered special edition available, limited to 100 copies including a 24x30cm Archival pigment print of “Megiddo”.
Some preview pages of the book here

ECLIPSE. Andréas Lang
Exhibition from 23rd january – 18th april 2019
opening 22nd January, 7pm
Catalogue presentation and finissage 18th April, 7pm
Guardini Gallery and Foundation, Berlin
Curated by Frizzi Krella

Exhibition from 9th March – 27th April 2019
Reception and cocktail 23rd March
Espacio Jhannia Castro
, Porto

Photographs by Norman Behrendt, Johanna Diehl, Andréas Lang, Anton Roland Laub,
Wilhelm Mundt, Loredana Nemes, Andreas Rost
Exhibition: 22nd sept. – 14th Dec. 2018
Guardini Gallery and Foundation, Berlin
Curated by Frizzi Krella

Andréas Lang: European Scenes 2009 – 2017
Literaturhaus Berlin
5th may opening and European Festival with talks, readings and concert
Curated by Priya Basil
Exhibition: 6th – 25th May 2018

Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Alegre, Brasil
Exhibition: 6th April – 3rd June 2018

TARABYA stipend and residency in Istanbul 2018

n.b.k. Berlin (Neue Berliner Kunstverein)
Yalda Afsah, Lars Bjerre, Jeremiah Day, Annette Frick, Katrin Glanz, Nadira Husain, Wilhelm Klotzek,
Andréas Lang, Annika Larsson, Zoe Claire Miller, Katrin Winkler
stipendaries – work grant for visual art, awarded by the cultural senate of Berlin 2017
curators: Marenka Krasomil, Michaela Richter
exhibition: 3rd march – 29th april 2018
opening: 2nd march, 7pm

DFA – Deutsche Fotografische Akademie
Andréas Lang: Phantom Geographie. Eine Spurensuche in Zentralafrika
I will give a talk about my work on colonialism at the annual DFA meeting/conference
26th november, 2pm
Deichtorhallen, Hamburg

VIDEODOX Biennale for Videoart
exhibition of nominees for the Videodox Award
from 4th – 12th october 2017
Galerie der Künstler, Munich
my work Rondpoint, Cameroon 2016 was nominated

Conversation with italian writer and journalist Elisabetta Corra
on my work in Lagos/Nigeria

exhibition from 14th july – 27th august 2017
opening: 13th july 2017 | 7 pm
Kommunale Galerie Berlin

Malerei / Fotografie
Isabelle Dutoit, Yvette Kießling, Andréas Lang
exhibition from 23rd june – 29th july 2017
Galerie Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main
pdf download

Projection of my film “The Haunting of NY Times Square, November 2003”
in the Video-Art program at Fünf Seen Film Festival

Sofie Bird Møller und Andréas Lang
Rathausgalerie/Kunsthalle München
exhibition from 29th april until 18th june 2017
opening 28th april at 19h
music performance with Murena Murena

a contemporary gran view at Capalbiofotografia
exhibition from 15th april until 22nd may 2017

exhibition from 2nd april until 23rd april 2017
Goethe Institute Lagos, Nigeria at Rele Gallery

Bettina Scholz, Andréas Lang
exhibition from 23rd march until 22nd april 2017
Alexander Ochs Private

CAMEROON AND CONGO. In search of traces and Phantom Geography
Andréas Lang
exhibition from 16th september 2016 – 26th february 2017
opening 15th sept., speech by David Van Reybrouck, author
Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin
9th nov. 18h, artist talk with Andréas Lang and cameroonian filmmaker Jean-Pierre Bekolo, moderated by Peter Stepan

THE AMAZED SILENCE. Landscapes of Andréas Lang
exhibition from 10th september – 23rd december 2016
opening 9th sept., speech by Cécile Wajsbrot, author
2nd oct. 14h, “Im helldunklen Licht der Natur”, reading and artist talk with the poet Jochen Winter and Andréas Lang
27th nov. 14h, “Verlassen” in the series Literaturhaus der Fotografie, Cécile Wajsbrot will read from an essay on the works of Andréas Lang, moderated by Thomas Böhm

ECLIPSE (a selection)
exhibition from 26th november 2016 – 4th february 2017
opening 25th september 19h
Podbielski Contemporary Berlin

ARTE Metropolis
feature on Andréas Lang

Deutsche Welle
feature on Andréas Lang and his project on colonialism

Artist in Residence grant
in a reception with german foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on 7th september 2015 in Berlin,
Andréas Lang, Kerstin Honeit and Ahmed Kamel receive the AArtist in Residence grant
awarded by the German Federal Foreign Ministry and LVBG – Landesverband Berliner Galerien

PARIS IM BLICK – Eine Stadt und ihre Fotografen
exhibition from 9th may – 12th july 2015
Kunstmuseum Picasso Münster

Ulrich Moskopp, Maria Ruiz-Taglé, Andréas Lang
exhibition from 7th march – 11th april 2015
Kunstbüro Berlin


exhibition from 24th october – 23rd november 2014
finalists of the European scholarship and artist exchange program:
Jana Babincová (Prag), Tom Früchtl (Berlin), Andréas Lang (Berlin), Mario Ortiz Paniego (Bilbao), Cora Piantoni (München), Jan Vicar (Prag)
Europäisches Künstlerhaus – Schafhof, Freising

ikono On Air Festival
for the first time in TV history an art festival will take place exclusively on TV
from 6th – 29th september 2013 the ikono On Air Festival will air a daily program of international video art
launch party on 6th sept., 18h at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Sammlung Fotografie im Münchner Stadtmuseum – Photography Collection at the City of Munich Museum
FORUM 030: Andréas Lang, Dämmerung – Crépuscule, Eine Spurensuche in Zentralafrika – a search of traces in central Africa (work in progress)
exhibition from 2nd august – prolonged until 22nd september 2013
opening 1st august 2013, 18 – 20h
artist talk 15th september, 16h with Maria Schindelegger, Walther Collection
Münchner Stadtmuseum – Sammlung Fotografie, St.-Jakobs-Platz 1, 80331 Munich, tue – sun from 10 – 18h
article and reviews on the exhibition in Sueddeutsche Zeitung


Maison Victor Hugo
Les visages de Notre Dame de Paris
exhibition from 9th july – 13th october 2013
Maison Victor Hugo – Musée de la ville de Paris, 6 place des Vosges, 75004 Paris
tue – sun from 10 – 18h


Kunsthalle Osnabrück
Schöne Landschaft – Bedrohte Natur. Alte Meister im Dialog mit zeitgenössischer Kunst
Landschaftsbilder aus der SØR Rusche Sammlung Oelde/Berlin
exhibition from 9th june – 13th october 2013
curated by Jeanette Zwingenberger
opening sunday 9th june 2013, 11.30h


Rathausgalerie/Kunsthalle München
Strange Beauty, Lucia Falconi – Siegfried Kaden – Andréas Lang
exhibition from 22th sept – 23rd nov 2012
opening friday – 21st sept 2012 – 19 h
Rathausgalerie/Kunsthalle, Marienplatz 8, 80331 Munich
open tue – sun from 11 – 19h


Podbielski Contemporary Berlin
on liminality and other alluring places von Liminalität und anderen verlockenden Orten
Andréas Lang & Cristiana Palandri
curated by Nico Anklam
exhibition from 7th july – 8th sept, 2012
opening friday 6th july at 19h
Podbielski Contemporary, Koppenplatz 5, Berlin – Mitte


Podbielski Contemporary – Berlin
Group Show
exhibition from 19th may – 30th june 2012


Nusser & Baumgart Contemporary
catalogue presentation Kraft, Lang, Hast & Altmann
Rebekka Kraft, Andréas Lang, Martin Hast, Yehuda Altmann
4th may 2012 at 19h
Steinheilstr. 18, 80333 Munich


Stiftung Genshagen
Geographie des Geheimnisvollen Andréas Lang, Europäische Landschaften 1999 – 2005
exhibition from 27th feb – 15th may 2012
curated by Jeanette Zwingenberger
Stiftung Genshagen, Im Schloss, 14974 Genshagen

Deutsches Historisches Museum
Unter Bäumen – Die Deutschen und der Wald
exhibition from 2nd dec – 4th march 2012
opening 1st dec at 18.30h
Deutsches Historisches Museum, Unter den Linden 2, 10117 Berlin


Galerie der Künstler
Rebekka Kraft, Andréas Lang, Martin Hast, Yehuda Altmann
opening 25th october, 18 – 21h
speakers: Klaus von Gaffron – BBK Munich
introduction by Nico Anklam – curator and art historian, Berlin
Galerie der Kuenstler, Maximilianstrasse 42, 80538 Munich,
review by Ruth Schneeberger and picture gallery on the exhibition:


Paris – Berlin magazine, september 2011 issue
article, portfolio on Andréas Lang by curator, art historian Jeanette Zwingenberger

Underdox – festival for documentary and experimental film
my video works “The Age of Discovery – AD 2010” and “The Haunting of New York Times Square, november 2003”
will be shown 4th oct at 22.30h at Werkstattkino Munich

Artionale festival for new music and contemporary art in Munich
30th sept – 29th oct 2011
“Tomorrow never knows” – photoworks Andréas Lang, opening 4th oct. at 19h, introduction by Klaus von Gaffron
artist talk with philosopher Nicole Wiedinger
at Evangelische Stadtakademie,


Deichtorhallen Hamburg – Haus der Fotografie
“Eyes on Paris”, Paris in photo books from 1890 to the present
exhibition rom 16th sept 2011 – 8th jan 2012
catalogue book by curator Hans-Michael Koetzle, Hirmer Verlag Munich
my artistbook “Sous les Ogives” and photogravure plates are part of the exhibition

Deutsches Historisches Museum
“Das XX. Jahrhundert – Menschen, Orte, Zeiten”
two decades of photo collection at the German Historical Museum – Deutsches Historisches Museum
exhibition 25th feb – 29th jan 2012
catalogue book, Edition Braus
DHM, Unter den Linden 2, 10117 Berlin


Dom Edyty Stein (Edith Stein Haus) – Wroclaw, Poland
Festival Fotografii, 17th june 2011,artist talk with Andréas Lang and Agnieszka Cwielag

Centre Pompidou/Forum 1, Artistbook International 9 – Paris
17th – 19th dec 2010
Editions Tristan Barbarà will present the artistbook “Sous les Ogives” with 9 photogravure prints by Andréas Lang and a chapter from Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame de Paris
18th dec at 16h artist talk with Andréas Lang, the writer Jochen Winter and Enrique Gonzales (director of Grabado y Edicion art revue)


Andréas Lang received the project grant for visual art 2010 awarded by the City of Munich


KOWASA Gallery Barcelona
Andréas Lang – Paisaje y Romanticismo, Fotografias 1999-2005
exhibition from 17th september until 30th october 2010
opening reception: 16th september at 8.00 pm
on the event of Tardor de l’Art, the gallery and Tristan Barbarà editions will present the artist book “sous les ogives” in a talk with Andréas Lang on 7th october at 7.00 pm

from september 2010 on, the photo work “Road to Jerusalem” will be installed permanently at the monumental Jerusalem panorama in Altoetting
The installation can be visited during the opening hours:


Artothek – Bildersaal
Maß und Mystik – Lena Bröcker, Andréas Lang
exhibition from 13th may – 5th june 2010
opening 12th may at 19h
Artothek – Bildersaal, Städtische Galerie München, Kulturreferat
Rosental 16, 80331 Munich,


Madrid Foto 2010 , 14th may at 18.30h
artist talk with Andréas Lang, Natasha Christia (photo historian, writer) and Enrique Gonzalez (director of “Grabado y Edicion” revue)


Lothringer 13/Spiegel
“everybody loves a history – everybody loves a mystery”
Andréas Lang – new video works, exhibition from 14.4 – 31.5.2010
opening 13th april at 19h
Lothringer 13/Spiegel, Cultural dpt. City of Munich, Lothringerstr.13, 81667 Munich


“1000 words: photography” online magazine, film and interview on “Eclipse” with Andréas Lang by Natasha Christia on
find it in the multimedia section:
Katholische Akademie in Bayern, “BACKSTAGE”
Andréas Lang, new photoworks, exhibition from 25.2 – 31.3.2010
Katholische Akademie in Bayern, Kardinal Wendel Haus, Mandlstr. 23, 80802 Muenchen

“Imaging History, Photography after the fact”
conference 18th february 2010, Sint Lukas, Brussels – Belgium, organised by University of Leuven – faculty of arts
Bruno Vandermeulen and Danny Veys


PARIS PHOTO 2009, Salle Delorme, Stand B32, Bernheimer Fine Art Photography
the gallery presents a selection from “ECLIPSE”, from 19 – 22nd november at Carrousel du Louvre